When will construction take place?

    Construction will take place from spring to winter 2021. The City offers contractors flexibility to schedule the work based on their availability. This helps the City to ensure that the work is completed for the best price. Construction will be carried out on a continual basis once it starts.

    Will there be any traffic delays or detours during construction?

    The City, in collaboration with the contractor, will work to minimize disruption, and understands that many residents and businesses require constant access. Access will be available at all times by way of either the road or sidewalk. There may be detours required at times during construction.

    Can the work be completed at night in order to minimize disruption?

    Night work is costly, and is not typical for this type of project. Night time is also when most people are asleep, and would not welcome the construction noise in this residential area.

    Will the City keep me up to date on the project?

    Yes, the City will have a full-time inspector present on the project. The inspector and the contractor will keep all residents and businesses up to date as construction progresses. Updates will also be posted from time to time on Vernon.ca