Does the City of Vernon allow Airbnb's?

    The City doesn't consider Airbnb a land use. It is simply a platform that can be utilized to rent an accommodation. There are over 125 platforms that are used for short term rentals, including: Airbnb, VRBO, CouchSurfing, Craigslist, etc.

    There are uses such as secondary suites, bed & breakfasts, hotels, etc., that are regulated in Zoning Bylaw #5000.

    What's the difference between bed and breakfasts and short-term rentals?

    BED AND BREAKFAST (B&B) means the secondary hospitality use of a dwelling in which temporary overnight accommodation and breakfast is provided to guests for remuneration.

    SHORT-TERM RENTAL means a home, or a room in a home, that is rented for less than 30 days at a time.

    There is a difference in the experience of a bed and breakfast and short-term rental. A B&B is expected to be a convivial experience with the B&B owner(s) with a meal included.