2020 Budget Survey

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RCMP Contract

The City of Vernon pays 90% of the RCMP contract costs for policing, with the Federal Government paying the remaining 10%. These RCMP officers operate out of the Vernon North Okanagan Detachment, adjacent to City Hall. In 2019 the City budgeted for 56 RCMP members. General duty officers are deployed at peak hours to address continual increases in calls for service and proactively address known “hot spots” and problem areas. RCMP contract costs represent the largest cost and budget area to the City. In 2019 the net cost was anticipated to be approximately $9.5 million which represents approximately 24% of the total taxation dollars. Each additional officer costs approximately $174,000 (salary, vehicle, equipment, training, office space etc). For more information please see pages 378 to 385 of the 2019-2023 Financial plan.
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